This is the exclusive VERMONT STYLE lettering method.
Letters and designs show up better and longer when the granite is not just sandblasted but sandblasted and STEEL BLASTED. This unique double process and double abrasivelettering method produces maximum contrast between polished and unpolished areas of granite. This extra step allows the natural beauty of the letters and design to show through USING NO ARTIFICIAL ENHANCERS like paint or dye. Both are widely used in the industry but not by us.


This ensures LONG LASTING NATURAL BEAUTY AND SUPERIOR READABILITY. Quality is not expensive it’s priceless.

Competitive Pricing - Our prices are fair and reflect the cost of doing business. Compare them if you wish but make sure you compare apples to apples before you buy. We use a superior lettering process that costs extra to do in most sandblast operations. But we remodeled our shop recently so this extra step costs no more to produce in our new state of the art shop.

Selection - Over 300 memorials in stock available for immediate engraving and installation.

Workmanship - All carving and lettering performed in house in our own plant. We take great pride in our craftsmen. We have assembled the finest team of memorial manufactures in the area.This includes experts who specialize in granite sculpting (statues, etc.), complete design layout, sand blasting, installation and repair.

Insured Personnel - All work done by our INSURED personnel. A lot of other memorial companies carry no insurance on their installers. If someone gets hurt on your cemetery lot, do you know who is liable? Insured personnel can protect you from lawsuits.



Quality Materials - We sell over 60 different granites & marble from around the world. Popular colors, grey, pink, red, black are priced on a good- better- best system that is related to the quality of the granite and the kind of guarantee that comes with each.

Other unique colors are priced in according to the hardness of each granite that translates into the amount of moisture retention of each particular granite. The BEST granite has virtually NO WATER RETENTION and looks dry even after a rainstorm.

These super hard Sealmark granites have the best warranty. Top graded granites include Sealmark Dark Barre from the Rock of Ages quarry in Vermont, Blue Pearl from Norway and Bright India Red and Midnight Black from China among others.

Attention To Detail - We use an in house state of the art computer drafting technology that ensures there will be no surprises when you see your memorial in the cemetery for the first time. Our artist carefully prepares a computer layout of each memorial and then submits this to you for approval. This double check system allows you and your family members to see the memorial immediately prior to engraving to make sure you know what you are getting. All aspects of production are guaranteed to be done to the highest quality of polishing, sawing, lettering and setting.

All granite is cut to Full measurements. No lumber sizes.

Guaranteed Memorials- 4 different levels of guaranteed memorials so that you can be sure that you will find the one with the best value for you.

Experience - Pohl and King have been serving all cemeteries since 1898.

It is now a one family business owned and operated by the King family, who are in their fourth generation of memorial service. Mr. Crawford A. King, the only Memorialist in the area to attend the Barre School of Memorial Art.  He has personally trained his staff in the finer points of memorial design so that your memorial can express your individual tastes in an outstanding manner.  

This long record of personal service, affordable prices, quality materials and workmanship has made Pohl & King the choice of thousands of quality conscious families.

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